The Author

Chris Wright is an IT Consultant based in London. He has published two technical books for Hodder & Stoughton.

He was born and raised in Richmond, Yorkshire, and educated at Uppingham School until 1972 when he travelled to Montreal where he did very little of note except for embarking on a series of roadtrips to Mexico and Alaska.

Leaving school with a handful of ill deserved qualifications he traveled to London in order to become a famous musician or a footballer – this plan foundered on the rocks of having absolutely no talent, but a good ear enabled him to carve out a living as a DJ until the early 1980’s when he went to London College of Printing to study Photography, Film and Television. His return to the music business in the heyday of the rock video was timed well enough to spend a further ten years avoiding real work before succumbing to reality and returning to University to gain a degree in IT.

A prolific scribe, Chris maintains a technical blog ‘Magic and Lies‘ where he considers the weighty questions of identity in cyberspace, fiction in the blogosphere and the rather less weighty question of how to rip tracks from vinyl to MP3. Not content with this, and railing against the pretentious and illiterate nonsense routinely regurgitated by the so called music press, Chris also maintains ‘Chimera Musica‘ a blog featuring reviews of music, literature and film of one paragraph or less.

Chris continues to write fiction in his spare time and enjoys nothing better than a glass of fine wine and a good conversation. Any further resemblance between Chris and Peregrine is entirely coincidental.



  1. Chris this is very good stuff. i hope you never drop dead of overwork; may you live forever. Long may ye lumerate!

  2. This is awesome Chris…a natural born writer!

  3. @ Alex – thanks – I’ll do my utmost to avoid an early demise!

    @ Lynda – again thanks – I’m humbled by your generosity 🙂

  4. You have the perfect background for writing — a bit of everything. 🙂

  5. thanks for the blogroll on m&l. i’ve added yours–they’re pretty interesting!

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